Friday, 10 February 2017

Rest In Peace!

Last week has been a very sad week for my uncle and the family  because their mum died from a brain tumour on Wednesday last week. So on Friday my mum and I hurried to Pakuranga Plaza to buy some flowers for the funeral. We picked roses, lilies, ferns and orchids.

On the way to church,  I was thinking about what it would look like because I've never been to their church before and I haven't met their family too. So I was feeling a bit nervous. After some time, we arrived at Saints Joseph and Joachim Parish Church. It is next to Mcauley high school and Saint Joseph's Intermediate.

There were a lot of people attending the funeral. Mum and I squeezed ourselves through the sea of people staring at us, maybe wondering who we were. It was awkward but we needed to get near the altar to offer our flowers. As we walked towards the altar where the coffin was placed, we carefully laid the flowers,  knelt down and said a little prayer for her soul. Meanwhile I was freaking out because I was so nervous to be in front of so many rows of people.

When we finished saying a prayer, we went to look for our uncle  to offer our sympathy and condolences to him and to the family.  We took our seats as the mass was about to start. The priest blessed the coffin as he said the final prayer with the incense  for the repose of my uncle’s mum’s soul. Then everyone made a line and slowly made their way to the coffin to pay their last respect.

It was a very sad day indeed. I never liked attending funerals but I had to come because they are family. I pray that my uncle’s mum will go to heaven.

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