Monday, 13 February 2017

Whale Stranding Results

We are Learning to use a spreadsheet to create a data displays.

Is Rubbish a problem?

Dogs Explanation

Dogs are animals that come from different breeds and habitats, Dogs are common in the neighbourhood and loved by many.  Dogs are owned by people to be cared, fed and loved by. Dogs are ambitious pets, most of the time people call them a man’s best friend. People use dogs to protect, hunt, detect drugs. They can also alert people when there is danger or something is wrong.

Dogs  can live up to 1 decade or just a few years. Most dog breed are brown but some are pure white or black.
They have existed for centuries and years. Many people prefer dogs than cats since cats are just lazy animals than dogs.

Some of them are big but most are small, people’s favourite is getting a small dog since they are cute but some people prefer big ones since they are bodyguards. Many years ago dogs are used as test subjects for the flight to space some people call dogs as heroes as many of them protected people and little children.
Image result for dogs playingOverall dogs can be good pets since they can help you in some situations. There sniffing can detect footprints or something suspicious. People pick the specific dog due to there body, cuteness and smartness. Most likely picking a big dog would stress you out since they can cause you a lot of mess. Training a dog properly will give you a higher chance of respect.

Dogs are fun pets good for families and children, Dogs can be annoying but very playful.

Basic Facts Results Graph

Evaluation: In this record this shows that the student has lacked to sustain his results.

We are learning how to use a spreadsheet to create data displays.

Friday, 10 February 2017


Cooking at Tech

Cooking: 9/2/17

Today at Technicraft we had cooking with Mrs Plows.
We learned the rules around the kitchen, health and safety. We talked about the orders of washing the dishes and hygiene, our hair had to be tied back, our fingernails had to be clean or cut, no barefoot meaning shoes had to worn in the kitchen.

After an hour going through the rules we had discussions about what we have in fridges and pantry and how we preserve our food, we then had to draw a diagram showing the order of our fridge starting from the ready to eat foods like cake or milk then lastly the  veggies, fruit and frozen meat compartments.

Next we had to design a brief for our next week’s assignment. . First, we had to draw a design for our jar which took a lot of thinking put into it. Then, we had to pick a jam to make for our project which was applesauce because it sounded yummy and different from the average strawberry jam.

New Year, New Start

Rest In Peace!

Last week has been a very sad week for my uncle and the family  because their mum died from a brain tumour on Wednesday last week. So on Friday my mum and I hurried to Pakuranga Plaza to buy some flowers for the funeral. We picked roses, lilies, ferns and orchids.

On the way to church,  I was thinking about what it would look like because I've never been to their church before and I haven't met their family too. So I was feeling a bit nervous. After some time, we arrived at Saints Joseph and Joachim Parish Church. It is next to Mcauley high school and Saint Joseph's Intermediate.

There were a lot of people attending the funeral. Mum and I squeezed ourselves through the sea of people staring at us, maybe wondering who we were. It was awkward but we needed to get near the altar to offer our flowers. As we walked towards the altar where the coffin was placed, we carefully laid the flowers,  knelt down and said a little prayer for her soul. Meanwhile I was freaking out because I was so nervous to be in front of so many rows of people.

When we finished saying a prayer, we went to look for our uncle  to offer our sympathy and condolences to him and to the family.  We took our seats as the mass was about to start. The priest blessed the coffin as he said the final prayer with the incense  for the repose of my uncle’s mum’s soul. Then everyone made a line and slowly made their way to the coffin to pay their last respect.

It was a very sad day indeed. I never liked attending funerals but I had to come because they are family. I pray that my uncle’s mum will go to heaven.

Snow Planet

During the school holidays my cousins Faith, Mariah, Haley and I went to Snow planet. Snow planet is a humongous warehouse filled with snow and the temperature is controlled around 2 degrees so we had to put on warm clothes.

When we got there, we had to wear special snow boots to stop us from slipping on the snow and it also kept our feet warm. However, It took me so long that by the time I was ready, Faith, Mariah and Hailey had already finished.

First, we got a big, round tube and we sat in the middle of it. After that, we went into the snow area and it was really, really cold. It felt like I was in a humongous freezer.

Me going down hill
We walked up the steep hill where we slid down on the tubes. Faith was the first person to have a turn but while she was still having her turn, I was pushed down the hill. I was going really fast and I bumped into her which sent me flying off my tube. My hands felt so cold that I started getting blisters because I had forgotten to get some gloves. That’s when we rushed back inside to get some warm gloves. After that, we went again and again up and down the hill until our faces were extremely frozen.

10013942_772929506126797_180169062141738615_n.jpgOn our way home, we met Cornflake the clown and he showed us tricks like making blue, red, green and yellow handkerchiefs and turning them into a one long coloured scarf. He also did a disappearing of colours trick using a magical book. Then Cornflake blew up some balloons for us. Faith, Hailey and Mariah got fairy wings with a puppy doll and I got a flower heart shaped balloon. After that, we all got our face painted into colourful butterflies. Then as we were ready to leave, we looked outside and saw Cornflakes` car so we waved goodbye to him.

I had a fun time at Snow planet meeting Cornflake the clown. However, next time I’ll have to remember to put on gloves so I don’t get blisters from the snow.

WALHT: Write a recount about and experience.