Friday, 10 February 2017

Cooking at Tech

Cooking: 9/2/17

Today at Technicraft we had cooking with Mrs Plows.
We learned the rules around the kitchen, health and safety. We talked about the orders of washing the dishes and hygiene, our hair had to be tied back, our fingernails had to be clean or cut, no barefoot meaning shoes had to worn in the kitchen.

After an hour going through the rules we had discussions about what we have in fridges and pantry and how we preserve our food, we then had to draw a diagram showing the order of our fridge starting from the ready to eat foods like cake or milk then lastly the  veggies, fruit and frozen meat compartments.

Next we had to design a brief for our next week’s assignment. . First, we had to draw a design for our jar which took a lot of thinking put into it. Then, we had to pick a jam to make for our project which was applesauce because it sounded yummy and different from the average strawberry jam.

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