Friday, 12 May 2017

A bubble inside a bubble

Image result for a bubble inside a bubbleA bubble inside a bubble

  1. Pour about 100ml of water into a  cup or a container.  Add a tablespoon  of granulated sugar to the water.

  1. Squeeze in detergent  into the water. Stir the solution gently until the sugar dissolves.  Now you will need a plastic straw of any kind ( doesn't really matter)

  1. It’s important that the the surface you work on be very clean, so that the bubbles will form properly. Use your fingers to spread some of the bubble solution onto the surface.

  1. Dip the end of the straw into the the soap solution so it’s covered completely. Blow a bubble onto the surface. Make it a  large bubble. So that it you can fit in more bubbles.

  1. Dip and coat the straw completely again and gently push it inside the first bubble. Blow another  bubble onto the surface inside the first bubble. Go for a third and a fourth and until you've got more than five or you’re satisfied with your achievement.