Friday, 29 September 2017

How to plant you're own plant!

How to plant a seed in only three simple steps!

  • Yogurt pot
  • Stones
  • Soil
  • Seed

Get a yogurt pot and poke holes on the bottom with a pin for the drainage and test it with water to see if it drains.

Add tiny rocks into it but don’t add too much or else it will block the drainage and test it in water.

Add in a centimetre of soil, add your seed then cover it with more soil.

Make sure to remember to water you're plant and give it sunlight!

Human Rights Speech

As part of our classroom learning we have presented and shared our speeches based on a topic I have personally chosen.

For my Speech I have chosen the topic Human Rights, which links to our Religious Education strand.

My Hour of Code

Monday, 4 September 2017


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The following will apply
Teacher has to be able to show their commitment and passion for their work . MUST be able to talk and be willing to learn about the bible.