Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 2

Day #2: New Zealand by Land and Sea
Activity 1: 
Here are three places I really enjoyed and why I enjoyed them:
  • First of all, I enjoyed exploring and witnessing the jaw-dropping nature of Rangitoto Island as Auckland’s well-known icon.  
  • Secondly, I loved the long walk on the Karekare beach and the sight of the astonishing waterfall was absolutely stunning.
  • Image result for tane mahutaLastly, I was overwhelmed to come face to face New Zealand’s largest known living kauri tree “Tane Mahuta”.
Dear Diary, 9.07.17
Today was the most exciting and spectacular day of my life, by far the most jaw-dropping experience I had today had got to be the Tane Mahuta. I could not take my eyes off it as I could almost feel its strength and ancient presence, I was overwhelmed with the magnificent view and it almost made me feel like I was a dwarf.

Activity 2:
5 questions I would ask Laura Dekker in an interview -
  • What persevered you to sail across the world by yourself?
  • How did you feel about sailing across the world by yourself?
  • Are you going to continue accomplishing more achievements?
  • What was your best advice that you were given?
  • Did you ever feel scared being the youngest girl to sail around the world?

Bonus activity:
5 outdoor activities that a family member of mine enjoys -
  1. Go for short walks to the park or the dairy.
  2. Play a game of soccer or touch in the park with the family.
  3. Doing some gardening around the house.
  4. Enjoy a game of cricket or volley with the family.
  5. Catching some waves at the beach.


  1. Kia Orana Philomena,

    My name is Jacinta and I am excited to say that I will be blogging with you through the Winter Learning Journey.

    I really enjoyed reading your diary entry. I like how you described your own experience seeing Tane Mahuta. It shows how creative you imagine yourself in the current position.

    Through activity two, I noticed you asked some very thoughtful questions about some very tough decisions Laura had to encounter before sailing around the world. As a young student, sometimes we often create a bucket list or think of goals that we would like to accomplish in life. Can you think of some other ways to rephrase your third question 'Are you going to accomplish more achievements?' These are very awesome questions but I believe you would get more answers that relate to specific goals she might have considered. You are so close!

    Thank you for your great effort in Day 2 activities. I can see there are some similar interests of outdoor activities that we like to do. My favorite one taken from your list would be walking to the park or the dairy with my daughter Shonny, because not only are we exercising our bodies to keep fit but she also has the opportunity to stay active without having to rely on car rides to the shop. I know they can often be quite boring and long.

    I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work. Keep it up!



  2. Seeing and touching Tanemahuta is an amazing experience. You have expressed this in a very creative and spiritual manner. Well done.