Monday, 13 February 2017

Dogs Explanation

Dogs are animals that come from different breeds and habitats, Dogs are common in the neighbourhood and loved by many.  Dogs are owned by people to be cared, fed and loved by. Dogs are ambitious pets, most of the time people call them a man’s best friend. People use dogs to protect, hunt, detect drugs. They can also alert people when there is danger or something is wrong.

Dogs  can live up to 1 decade or just a few years. Most dog breed are brown but some are pure white or black.
They have existed for centuries and years. Many people prefer dogs than cats since cats are just lazy animals than dogs.

Some of them are big but most are small, people’s favourite is getting a small dog since they are cute but some people prefer big ones since they are bodyguards. Many years ago dogs are used as test subjects for the flight to space some people call dogs as heroes as many of them protected people and little children.
Image result for dogs playingOverall dogs can be good pets since they can help you in some situations. There sniffing can detect footprints or something suspicious. People pick the specific dog due to there body, cuteness and smartness. Most likely picking a big dog would stress you out since they can cause you a lot of mess. Training a dog properly will give you a higher chance of respect.

Dogs are fun pets good for families and children, Dogs can be annoying but very playful.

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