Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Image result for George jack russellIn reading this article I have been learning to combine close  reading and inference skills to analyse text to learn more about the qualities of people known as heroes or leaders. 

George is a hero who defended 5 children from the two larger pit bulls.  He put himself at risk to save the children. After several severe bites on his back, sadly George was in so much pain that the vet decided George would not recover from these injuries and put him to sleep.

What kind of actions did George use?  Actions
George  a small Jack Russell terrier, could sense the danger that the children were in, and knew he had  to protect them. He rushed up to the bigger dogs and barked at them allowing enough time for the children to escape. This shows the reader that he was determined to save the children, and that he was brave.   Putting himself at risk showed also that he was courageous.

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