Sunday, 27 August 2017

Religious Education

Image result for pope francisLearning Intention

We are learning to listen carefully and use the information to think and remember others in our prayers.

Pope Francis Points out the connection between caring for the environment and looking out for the poor and vulnerable after creation, God intended the earth to be enjoyed by everyone equally.
However, over time the gap between the rich and the poor has widened. We are reminded by Pope Francis that we are God's instruments to make a difference - to stand up for the poor and be responsible in the way we live.

Te atawhai

Image result for jesusE te Ariki,
Lord of Mercy,
Hear our prayer.
We thank You for loving us as we are.
For promising to forgive us,
even when we hurt others.

Help us to remember others. To show mercy as You do. To feed the hungry. To provide for those who are thirsty. To give clothes to those in need. To help the homeless. To pray for the sick. To remember those who are alone. To think of those who have lost loved ones.


  1. Kia orana Philomena,
    I love your prayer you created! Very beautiful and powerful! I could see god's holy spirit in you! You are such a gift from Gods eyes! Keep it up gurl!

    Lusia <3 xx

  2. Thank you Lusia, for your feedback I really appreciate it when you comment on my blog.

    Philomena :)