Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What is a Virtuous Person?

A virtuous person is.. …… A person who has a character made-up of virtues valued as good. He or she is honest, respectful, courageous, forgiving, and kind, for example.

One who tries to tries to choose what is good and do what is right.
One who makes a habit of acting wisely.
One who acts with compassion, responsibility and wisdom.
One who respects the ...One who respects the rights of others.
One who promotes.. justice.
One who resists all temptations of sins.
One who works for good and righteousness.
One who practises honouring others.
One who overcomes-justice.
One who makes choices which are good.
One who tries to develop temperance and self- discipline.
One who grows in faith, hope and love.
One who can be trusted.
One who restores faith, strength and dignity.
One who lives by compassion, loyalty and one who honours God.

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