Monday, 5 December 2016

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Grandma!

On Saturday the 14th of November, it was my grandma’s birthday. She was turning 92 and it was a very special day for her and our family. We celebrated her birthday at our local church hall, St Bernadettes.

We had to go to church early because we had to arrange the tables, chairs, food and plates for everyone. It was hard work. By the time we’d finished, people were starting to arrive so we quickly left to bring grandma to the hall. When we came back, there were a lot of people waiting for us. We felt a little embarrassed  because our guests were already seated and we the hosts and the guest honour, (Grandma)  were late.

We then started with the speeches from my grandma’s nine children . When they had finished, we had some food. There was ham, prawns, taro, chop suey, curry and flavoured drinks. When the prawns came out, I felt like taking a big handful because they are my favourite. However, my younger cousins and I always went last, it was so unfair but we are the youngest. By the time I got to the prawns , they were all gone. I was a bit angry at first but then I got over it, it wasn’t that important at least I got to have some chop suey and tarro.

After everyone had finished eating, some performed a samoan dance in front of grandma and I was one of those dancers because one grandchild was chosen to represent each child that grandma has.
The first dance was performed by my cousin and the 8th dance was my cousin was my niece’s. She is only 6 years old and she had to do it all by herself I felt sorry for her because it was her first time and she was very shy in front of everyone. When she had finished, she was about to cry and she was red in the face. However, we were so proud of her.

Then it was my turn and I was extremely scared, I had butterflies in my stomach. I was scared crazy but I had to face my fears and go through with it. When I ran up to the front, my heart was beating so fast because I thought people might be watching for my mistakes, I was so nervous. However, I believe in myself and believe I can do it. After I had finished I felt so much better but I was red in the face as well. When I had finished my dance everyone started clapping and cheering. I was proud of my dance and it lasted longer than the other dancers.
Soon after all the dancers were finished, it was time for the cake. We stood next to grandma and sang “Happy Birthday” in Samoan and English. When we finished singing, she blew out the candles and we all cheered. We all got a piece of cake.
However the children always take what is left. It was so not fair but at least we all got to taste. I only managed to get small piece.

Finally we all left and we hugged grandma goodbye. I hope that my grandma stays healthy for many more years to come.☻♥  

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