Friday, 10 June 2016

Informative Writing on Spiders

You may have come across a spider hiding in various places before, creating webs in every corner. Spiders, are species largely related to the Arachnid family including Scorpions, Harvestmen, Pseudoscorpion and Ticks. They are mostly referred to Arthropods meaning an animal with eight legs. Spiders are predators that have the ability to inject and kill prey with their venom filled fangsImage result for spiders diagram

Spiders have vicious jaws called Chevalier which has several parts to kill their prey and to inject Appendages is located in the jaw to hold the prey and to inject venom. Behind the jaw are Labrum and Labium which works to direct food into their mouth.If you thought spiders create their webs from their mouth , you are wrong they spin their webs from behind their body and not all spiders create webs the same. There are 4 different types, like tangle webs, orb webs and nursery webs.

There are about 40,000 different types of spiders, large and small in every continent except Antarctica. The first spiders were found in fossilized rocks that are confirmed to be more than  38 million  years ago . An actual fact scientists have studied that some spiders have eight or six eyes and can see difference between light and shadow. Some spiders are less harmless than others, if you come across a spider be cautious, do not be scared because they're scared of you, so it's best to leave the spider alone.

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  1. Great research and writing too. The inclusion of diagrams is fantastic.