Monday, 9 May 2016

Rotorua- Paradise Springs Wildlife

On Saturday, I went to Rotorua with my brother, cousins, and nephew.
When we arrived in Rotorua, we got off at Paradise Springs Wildlife to feed some animals. As soon as we got inside, we paid for ten packets of animal food.
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Then we walked along an old pathway that led us to a very large fence for us to see the lions and we weren't allowed to feed them. So we had a look around and we saw a big dark long, cave that was filled with so many lions that I couldn't count all of them. After a little while, we waved our goodbyes to the lions and walked back towards the other path.
         Next, we walked into a bush that had a gate so we opened it and it led us into a large yard. There was a garden full of vegetables but they looked fake and old. Then we saw a little, old, worn out shed which had a big sign on the door that said "Open". When I opened it, it creaked. We went inside, then out of nowhere a cockatoo busted right at us so we ducked. My cousin didn't duck in time, so it landed on his head.

Image result for paradise springs rotorua lionsAs time passed on , we went into another area which had another sign that said"Eels can grow up to 200 centimetres long and have been alive for more than 50 years. We continued to walk deeper into the sanctuary and found a narrow pond that had more than 10 eels in it. They were very large and we got to feed them with the food packets that we had brought. As I was watching them fight for the food, the sun set around us. 

Image result for paradise springs rotorua lions
Soon we moved on and it led us to six hungry pigs who kept snorting at us. And of course, they were muddy. However, I didn't want to feed them because they ate a lot. Their mama pig was sitting by herself snorting at us as well. I felt sorry for her and went over to her with my little nephew following me with his packet of food which he snatched off my cousin.

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       After feeding the mama pig, we said goodbye to them. As soon as we left, we found out that it was getting dark and so we had to pick up the speed. Next, we went to a waterfall that stated:" This fountain is a tourist attraction it was used in the 1800's till now and it is okay for drinking". After reading the sign , we felt thirsty so we tried it. It was so cold but very refreshing.
       Next, we fed some ducks and there were lots of them. Then, we went over to the llamas and the wallabies but they were sleeping under a small tree. We moved to the horses. They were big, small, tall and short. There were so many of them. However, we weren't allowed to feed them because they had hay.

Image result for swans springs rotorua pigsLater on, we found the most beautiful swans but they were only two. I just wanted to feel it's feathers. Finally, we got to see our last animal, they were the cute and cuddly bunnies. They were so adorable and an employee told me if I wanted to hold one, so I did. I just wanted to take him home he was so soft. Then we waved goodbye to the animals. As we left, my nephew wanted to stay with the animals but we told him that he cannot stay or else we will leave him be himself.

I had a very fun and exciting time at Rotorua. However, it would be better next time if we had gone earlier so we could have a longer time to explore Rotorua.

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