Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Saint Philomena, Pray for us!

Saint Philomena is a saint and martyr of the Roman catholic church. She was a young Greek princess who was crowned in the 4th century. In the early 19th century, Philomena died at the age of 14. Her feast day is on the 11th of August.

Saint Philomena was discovered in the ancient catacombs of Saint Prisilla in Rome on May 25th, 1802. The tomb had three tiles marked with these words Lumena/Paxte/Cumfi. These words means “peace be with you Philomena also drawn on the tiles some symbols 2 anchors, 3 arrows and a palm.

Over the past years she has performed miracles to people with sickness or facing difficulty in their life. She became overnight, one of the most popular saints in the church earning the name of "The Wonder Worker" because of her miracles.

Saint Philomena signifies "Daughter of light" and soon became princess of Corfu.
Her parents did not believe in God but soon was converted as Christians and took Philomena to Rome.The emperor fell in love with her but Philomena refused for she wanted to be clean and love God only. The emperor was furious so he sent her to the dungeon. Then the next day she still refused and the emperor got angrier and scourged her. However, she still refused so the emperor tied her to the anchor and put her to drown. The next morning he found out that Philomena survived.

The emperor put her again into the river to drown but survived yet again. When the people knew what had happened they converted into Christianity and they knew it was God helping her and that is why 2 anchors, 3 arrows and a lily symbolises Saint Philomena's life.

Saint Philomena could be anybody's patron saint and she is a patron Saint for the children as she died as a very young 14 year old. Even through tough times, when you have stress or any kind of sickness, pray to Saint Philomena and she will assist you.
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