Monday, 31 August 2015

Hello! Nice to meet you!

We are learning to understand and use descriptive language.

Success criteria-I know I can do this when I use appropriate adjectives, adverbs and verbs in my writing.

On Saturday, we had a exchange student from Shanghai in
China, who we had to pick up from One Tree Hill College.

When we arrived at the college we waited and waited. We waited for a long time. Then at 3.00 pm  we saw her. She introduced herself to us  and  her name was Yang Ying. She had turned 15 yesterday and learnt English in China as well.

After our little chit chat we hopped into the car and then we drove off. When we got to Mt. Wellington we went to the bakery to have something to eat. We all had a banana smoothie with apple pie which was very yummy. I wished I could have some more but we were too tired and and all we wanted was to get home. When we got home, we saw my brother's car.  When we opened his door, he was fast asleep and he was snoring very loudly! We started laughing and told him to wake up and to go  inside the house because it was raining. 

Finally we got inside and Yang unpacked her stuff, while we prepared dinner. For dinner we had chicken drum sticks with potato mash. When we all ate hungrily as if we have not eaten for days. The food was delicious! I wanted some more but I was too full. When we finished we watched the news on T.V 1 and then we went to sleep.

I had a great day meeting Yang. I think I will enjoy getting to know her better. I hope that the weather will be sunny so that we can show her around the place.

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